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St. Moriz Velvet Self Tan Applicator Mitt

$ 7.99

About Velvet Self Tan Applicator Mitt

St. Moriz Self Tan Velvet Applicator Mitt ensures a golden tan with a streak free professional flawless finish. This is the handiest tool ever to ensure that there’s no risk of 'stained hand syndrome', the amateur self-tanner’s dead giveaway. Just pop on this snug velvety soft mitt and tan away. Couldn't be easier to keep your flawless natural glow going year-round!

Our new Lips Design Velvet Mitt offers a super-soft, luxurious velvet material using a specially created leak proof barrier seal. This Velvet Tanning Mitt will effortlessly and evenly distribute all tanning products onto the skin for streak-free results. Specially designed for fuss-free, easy, clean and smooth application. Reusable and machine washable.


  • Super soft, luxurious velvet material feels great on your skin when applying self-tanner
  • Leak-proof barrier seal keeps the tan where you want it (no stained hands)
  • Streak-free, natural results with a professional finish
  • Re-usable and machine washable
  • Contemporary lips design

 How to use:

  1. Apply a small amount of self-tanner to the mitt and apply to skin in a smooth circular motion, starting with the legs and working your way up.
  2. To avoid streaks on knees and elbows, bend when applying to these areas. Use the leftover tan that stays on your mitt for hands and feet.
  3. For those hard to reach places (like your back), simply place the Velvet Tanning Mitt on a hairbrush and you’re good to glow!

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