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St. Moriz Instant Advanced Pro Insta-Grad Self-Tanning Mousse

$ 19.99

About Insta-Grad Self tanning Mousse 6.76 fl OZ

The St. Moriz Advanced Pro Formula Insta-Grad Self-Tanning Mousse is an advanced dual acting formulation, which delivers a convenient, time saving way to achieve an instant color, plus builds up a natural glow over time, all with their mood enhancing patented fragrance technology. This self-tanning foam offers instant tan on application, and gradual tan build-up over 4-6 hours.

How-to apply

  1. Apply a small amount of self-tanner to the mitt and apply to skin in a smooth circular motion, starting with the legs and working your way up.
  2. To avoid streaks on knees and elbows, bend when applying to these areas. Use the leftover tan that stays on your mitt for hands and feet.
  3. For those hard to reach places (like your back), simply place the Velvet Tanning Mitt on a hairbrush and you’re good to glow

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